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Nilima Beyond The Blue
Nilima is a short dance film Conceptualized and Directed by Dr. Ayswaria Wariar. It is one of the first classical dance films of this genre in Indian Film History made in HD and Surround Sound (5.1). It is a beautiful blend of Poetry, Mohiniyattam (a classical dance form of Kerala) and Cinematography. The poem Nilima by V.Madhavan Nair, better known as Mali, is about the true essence of the color blue. Having discovered this evocative poem, the dancer in Ayswaria Wariar is inspired to think beyond a dancer’s perspective. Ayswaria develops it into a film combining dance, visuals, music and narration all strung together in a single theme. Exploring the creative spaces between the lines, Ayswaria expresses her own story, of her search for the sublime Nilima. She travels different progressive stages until her realization of the ultimate blue hue, Nilima. This classical dance film is Ayswaria's tribute to the great poet, writer and musicologist V.Madhavan Nair, Mali, on his birth centenary year.
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Nilima Trailer
Film Premier at Padma Theatre, Cochin
Film Premier at Preview Theatre, Chalachitra Academy, Thiruvananthapuram
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