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Kalashree Smt. Ayswaria Wariar
Smt. Ayswaria Wariar hails from a family of artistes. She was initiated into the art of classical dance at the tender age of 5 by her mother Smt. Sreebala Menon. Subsequently, she was trained in the two styles of Bharatanatyam and Mohiniattam under eminent Gurus such as Dr.Sucheta Bhide Chapekar, Udyogamandal Vikraman, Kalamandalam Saraswathi; she obtained guidance in Sopanasangeetham under Padmabhushan Shri Kavalam Narayana Pannickkar.

Smt. Ayswaria Wariar has made a signal contribution to increasing the awareness and appreciation of Mohiniattam outside the State of Kerala; by her performances, lec-dems and writing she has introduced thousands of people in the rest of India and indeed, South East Asia to the beauty of this wonderful classical art form. She has established the Nrityodaya School of Classiscal Dance in Vadodara through which she imparts high quality training in Bharatanatyam and Mohniattam; this builds, in young people, a deep connect with the ancient Indian culture and ethos. Smt. Ayswaria Wariar is the Artistic Director of Nrityodaya Charitable Trust which is a non profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the Indian cultural and spiritual heritage through the medium of classical dance.

Her professional stature is the result of the dignified and ethical manner in which she has conducted herself on stage and off it; this is entirely aligned with the grace, beauty and sublime spiritual teachings of this pristine art form, Mohiniattam.

Smt. Ayswaria Wariar has been honoured with several awards and has evolved by supreme dedication, study, thought and discipline
  • She has been conferred with the PravasiKalashree Award by the Kerala SangeethaNataka Academy and Department Of Culture,  Government of Kerala for contribution in the field of classical dance.
  • She is a recipient of the Junior Research Fellowship awarded by the Department of Culture, New Delhi.
  • She is currently a Research Scholar, pursuing research in Mohiniattam.
  • Smt. Ayswaria Wariar has earned a Masters in Classical Dance, from Pune University “Centre for Performing Arts”.
  • And, is an Empanelled Artiste of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, New Delhi.
    In her performances Ayswaria Wariar believes in being innovative and creative within the traditional framework. In addition to giving solo performances, Ayswaria Wariar has also composed ‘ballets’ incorporating both the styles, and group choreographies in Mohiniyattam. to learn more about her work please visit choreographies
Minister for Culture, Govt. of Kerala,
Mr. K.C.Joseph, awarding the title "Kalashree" to
Smt. Ayswaria Wariar
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