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About Nrityodaya
Nrityodaya School of classical dance was established in 2002 to promote excellence in the all-encompassing art medium of classical dance, to create awareness of the same among the lay audience and above all to propagate Indian classical dance tradition, with the present day context in mind. Nrityodaya Charitable Trust was registered in the year 2005, under the Charities Commissioner,  with a view to reach the goal of re- establishing the useful link of art and day to day life of young talents and up coming artists. Since the year 2002, Nrityodaya has been regularly staging shows in & around Vadodara, giving a platform to upcoming artist’s in the field of classical dance. Jugalbandhis in Bhartanatyam & Mohiniyatam, Solo Dance Recitals, Group Choreography’s, theme based dance ballets etc. have been Nrityodaya's forte.All these productions were welcomed by the audience and art critics and have done repeated shows. Apart from these, Nrityodaya has also supported the individual as well as group performances by its young and talented dancers.
Nrityodaya conducts Dance and Music workshops and lecture demonstration’s as well as organises festivals wherein artist of repute are invited to participate. Students under our guidance have won scholarships in the field of dance such as the CCRT scholarship of Govt. of India, and many have also won prizes and performed at prestigious platforms such as the State Youth festival and KAL KE KALAKAR festival, both conducted by Dpt. Of Culture, Govt of Gujarat.

Nrityodaya has not only concentrated on the technical excellence in dance training, but has also pioneered projects which would increase audience appreciation as well as awareness about art and its over-all usefulness to everyday life. In addition to training young talents to develop their performing skills, Nrityodaya also gives a vocational training in classical dance where by the young artists can become potential teachers and carry forward the tradition.
Note: Classes are held at Sama, Vadodara, Gujarat & Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.
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